153 Project

153 Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to showing God's love in practical ways to the less fortunate in the US and Liberia, Africa.

Liberia, Africa 

Since 2006, 153 Project has partnered with CBCMI (Christian Bible Church Mission Int'l) located in a small town outside Monrovia, Liberia.  CBCMI has 7 different churches and provides many different services for poor villagers in the area.  CBCMI is led by Philip and Gloria Boimah who are both amazing leaders with a huge vision.  We are excited to be partnered with them in Liberia. 

Current Focus Areas

  1.  Water Wells - 153 Project has installed 3 water wells to date.  In all cases, the community's existing water wells produced dirty water due to being shallow with poor completions.  Our most recent water well finished in September 2013.  This has been a great way to quickly make a lasting impact on the people in the communities CBCMI serves.
  2. Orphans - Since 2007 we have been able to provide food on a monthly basis for approximately 35 children living in the "Child Survival Orphanage".  Prior to our involvement the children were only eating every few days.  It has been such a blessing to watch the children grow up these past few years.  
  3. Education  - Our partner, CBCMI, operates three different schools for children in nearby villages. These children have no chance of getting an education without the work of CBCMI.  There is a plan to build two new school buildings at the Big God Town and Ganta locations.  These projects are being led by other organizations but we are excited to support their work.   The current needs are books, classroom supplies, and financial support to add more teachers.
  4. Medical Clinic  -  In 2007, 153 Project purchased 5.5 acres of land in an area called "Big God Town".   We have many plans for the property including providing medical services for 32 local villages and ~5,000 people who have virtually no access medical care.  We have started construction on a medical clinic that has been endorsed by the Minister of Health for the Liberian Federal Gov't.  We are targeting completion in 2014.  We have ~$30,000 of remaining construction costs and ~$20,000 of needed supplies. 
  5. Athletics -  In 2009, we launched a small soccer league with CBCMI as an outreach to local children.  It has been a great way to engage the children and share the Gospel.  Current needs are for soccer jerseys, soccer balls, and other equipment.
  6. Church Planting -  Over the past 5 years CBCMI has grown from 3 churches to 7.  It has been a blessing for us to support their growth.  In fact, 2 years ago, CBCMI sent missionaries to the neighboring country, the Republic of Guinea, to plant a church.  We expect many more to come in the future.
  7. Agriculture -  Agriculture serves two functions within CBCMI in Liberia.  First, crops are grown and sold in the market to raise funds for pastor salaries.  Second, CBCMI provides farming training programs to teach villagers how to effectively farm and provide for themselves.  In 2007, 153 Project purchased ~1.5 acres of land to support this training program.  At this time we need supplies and materials for this ministry.

Future Planned Activities

  1. Child Sponsorship - In the future we would like to launch a sponsorship program for about $25 per month per child.  The program will provide clothes, education, basic medical care, daily meals, and pastoral care for each child that is sponsored.  We have just about everything in place to make this happen but we need to work through a few more logistics before we launch.  Please pray for us and do contact us if you are interested in participating.
  2. Micro-Finance  - We would like to launch a program to provide small loans ($50 to $100) to individuals to start small businesses.  We plan to partner with another organization who already provides this type of program in other places.
  3. Soap making and Sewing - CBCMI plans to launch a training program to teach women how to make soap and sew to earn income.  Some progress has been make but we have a long way to go. We have purchased a sewing machine for this but it is primarily being used to make uniforms for the children attending CBCMI schools.