153 Project

153 Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to showing God's love in practical ways to the less fortunate in the US and Liberia, Africa.


153 Project

The Mission of 153 Project is to share the love of God with communities around the world. We are a faith-based non-profit organization focused on meeting the needs, both physically and spiritually of the less fortunate. 

Our Story

153 Project began with two couples in Columbia, South Carolina who felt called to give back to the community. In 1994 the first project was simply to distribute sandwiches to the less fortunate on a weekly basis, and later grew into other significant acts of kindness among the community.

The main focus of 153 Project has always been to meet practical needs of the less fortunate. 153 Project holds a high value on quality, as we believe this reflects the passion we have for the people we serve.

In 2006, 153 Project found a connection in Liberia, which began the expansion of the project overseas. Liberia had just gotten out of a yearlong civil war, leaving the country with no functioning government and extremely how quality of life. 153 Project saw this as an opportunity to serve others and share the love of God.

Soon enough, 153 Project found property in Liberia and named it Big God Town, for we knew that God was going to do BIG things here! Our work in Liberia is truly changing lives with efforts such as building clean water wells, providing food for the orphanage, providing agricultural training, and many more. We have also established schools, churches and a medical clinic. God has given us a great opportunity that we are taking in with great joy! We love because God first loved us.